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New Instruments
My selection of new beginners’ instruments starts with Stentor Student and Soundpost Primavera outfits.  All
outfits include a bow, lightweight case and rosin.
I normally keep examples of the most popular sizes of violin outfit in stock (from 1/8th up to full size). 
Smaller violin sizes, violas and cellos are available to special order within 2 to 3 days.
Every instrument is individually set up by me in my workshop - this service is free of charge on all the
instruments I supply.  This essential work includes:
1.  Re-shaping the bridge to the correct height , thickness and profile
2.  Shaping the nut for the correct string height and spacing
3.  Adjusting the soundpost to give the best tonal response
4.  Adjusting the pegs to give a smooth action
5.  Lubricating the fine tune string adjusters
6.  Checking the shape of the fingerboard and correcting it if necessary
7.  Applying an initial coat of rosin to the bow hair.
The cost of the instruments directly reflects the specification.  I always advise that you contact me to discuss
your specific requirements and arrange a time to call in and try the instruments first hand.
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Stentor Student Standard
Soundpost Primavera 90
Stentor Student I
Soundpost Primavera 100
Stentor Student II
Stentor Conservatoire
Soundpost Westbury
Stentor Elysia
Jay Haide violins are available
Violas are available in the equivalent outfits to the violins.
Please contact me for further details.
Stentor Student I cello outfit
Stentor Student I
A wide range of more expensive cellos is available.  Please contact me for further details.
A selection of the new instruments I supply can be found below. Please contact me for prices and further details.