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I keep a wide range of violin, viola and cello accessories in stock.
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Kun Original shoulder rest Kun Collapsible shoulder rest Kun Super shoulder rest Wolf Forte Primo shoulder rest Wolf Forte Secondo shoulder rest Ultra lightweight violin case Plywood violin case Lightweight 'clam' violin case Economy lightweight violin case Oblong lightweight violin case Professional style oblong violin case Lighweight oblong violin case
Economy lightweight case.
Ultra lightweight case with plush lined interior.
Oblong lightweight case with violin blanket.
Professional style oblong case.
Lighweight oblong case.
Uniquely shaped lightweight ‘clam’ case.
Plywood case with padded integral cover.
Wolf Forte Primo shoulder rest.  Popular high quality rest.
Adjustable height.  Available in sizes from 1/2 to 4/4 size.
Wolf Forte Secondo shoulder rest.  Adjustable height and width.
Available in sizes from 1/2 to 4/4 size. 
Kun original shoulder rest.
4/4 size in stock, other sizes available by request. 
Kun Super shoulder rest with micro-adjustable width.
4/4 size in stock, other sizes available by request.
Kun Collapsible shoulder rest
4/4 size in stock, other sizes available by request. 
I keep the following popular violin strings in stock:
Astrea, Dogal, Dominant, Resonance, Helicore, Jargar, Pirastro Eudoxa
I keep the following cello strings in stock:
Astrea, Dogal, Jargar
I can source almost any type of string, and these are normally available in stock the next working day.
I keep the following range of other accessories in stock:
Mutes for violin, viola, cello and double bass
Violin and viola stands and hangers
Cello stands
Pitch pipes for violin and viola/cello
Floor stops for cello spikes
Chin rests
Hidersine Junior
Hidersine De Luxe
Kaplan Artcraft Light
Kaplan Artcraft Dark
Gustave Bernardel
Alaska Superior
Hidersine De Luxe
A selection of the cases I supply can be found below. Please contact me for prices and further details.