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Repairs and Restoration
My work with instruments from the violin family and
guitars can range from straightforward tasks such as
replacing broken strings or resetting fallen soundposts
through to complex restorations involving hours of
meticulous, detailed work.  Photos of a selection of past
restoration projects are shown below.
Some typical prices for a range of common instrument
repairs are as follows:
Replace a tailgut:
New nut:
New end pin:
Resurface fingerboard:
£15 - £20
Shoot fingerboard:
£35 - £45
Bow rehairing: 
£20 - £30 for cheaper bows
£40 - £60 for good quality bows using best white hair
Peg replacement: 
£10 per peg (stained hardwood peg)
£15 per peg (ebony or rosewood peg)
This is assuming the peg hole doesn't need bushing and re-cutting.
Prices for peg bushing vary depending on the instrument.
Supply and fit a new bridge:  £15 - £75 
(bridge fitting requires considerable skill and
- it is not possible to buy a new bridge
and expect it to fit)
Glue open seams between back and ribs (sides) and front and ribs: from £10 depending on
length of open joint and how much cleaning is necessary.  The correct animal glue must be
used for this work or any other violin joint repairs.